An Ideal Time to Start a Bank!

An opportunity exists today that may not likely come our way again!

Given the current economic environment, from the mortgage crisis to the "credit crunch" affecting large and small business, to the public's concern with the financial viability of existing banks in virtually all regions of the country, this is, indeed, the ideal time to start a bank. 

Independent Bank Developers, LLC ("IBD")
has the experience and management expertise to take your organizing group from the initial vision to the opening of "your community bank". The timing simply could not be better!

Consider these important facts -
  • A newly chartered bank will open the doors clean - no problem loans on the books, no loss or reserve concerns, and no regulatory problems.
  • Due to an absolutely clean loan portfolio, new business clients, professionals, and affluent individuals can have a real confidence that "their bank" is safe and sound.
  • While the current recessionary environment will likely continue for sometime, the opening date projected for a newly forming bank should position it to take full advantage of the recovery.
  • Recent business "downturns" in the economy have generally seen the economy come back stronger than prior to the onset of conditions that led to the downturn. Again, your new bank should be able to take full advantage of the recovery.
  • Most business and professional clients have concerns with their current bank and are looking for a new, innovative, healthy and locally owned and managed bank.

It is indeed an excellent time to start a new bank! Contrary to what you may have heard, banking regulators want to see the formation of new banks.

Martin Gruenberg, Chairman of the FDIC and Thomas Hoenig who serves on the FDIC board with Mr. Gruenberg are long-time supporters of community banks.  Their support goes back many years and they are now positioned to be able to be of help.  The two run the FDIC.  August 2009 speech

“Gruenberg was appointed to the FDIC board in 2005 and was made vice chairman. After Chairman Donald Powell resigned, Gruenberg served as acting chairman from November 15, 2005, to June 26, 2006.
“He was seen as a supporter of controversial Republican Sheila C. Bair, whom he succeeds, in her aggressive stance toward the banking industry during the financial crisis.”  
“On March 6, 2009, Hoenig presented a widely noted speech entitled 'Too Big Has Failed' critical of the approach taken to the capitalization and liquidity crises and suggesting alternate approaches.”

“Again on August 13, 2010, in a speech in Lincoln, Nebraska, Hoenig criticized the then current Federal Reserve action of a zero policy rate calling it "...a dangerous gamble." He also stated, "There may be ways to accelerate GDP growth, but, in my view, highly expansionary monetary policy is not a good option."”

FDIC Advisory Committee on Community Banking
On May 29, 2009, the FDIC Board of Directors approved establishing the FDIC Advisory Committee on Community Banking to provide the FDIC with advice and guidance on a broad range of important policy issues impacting small community banks throughout the country, as well as the local communities they serve, with a focus on rural areas.

The professionals at Independent Bank Developers, LLC have been successfully assisting our clients with the formation of new community banks for over 25 years.

Ernest Garfield

             "Experience you can trust in new bank chartering and development"
Independent Bank Developers, LLC


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